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Date: 3rd September 2016
7.2V Types Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack
7.2V types ?nimh rechargeable battery packShenzhen Improve Battery Co.,ltd ?mainly engaged in Li-ion battery pack, Li-polymer battery?pack, Ni-MH battery pack ,?with good quality and reasonable price, we established firm?business?relationship with than 1000 companies in domestic and overseas. you may save much cost?by ordering directly from us.Specification:1.?Material: Ni-plate steel2.?Voltage:1.2v per cell3.?Capacity:400-10000mah4.?Size: AA/AAA/C/SC/D ??depend on customer battery pack5.?Cycle time:>500 times6.?Shelf life: 5 years7.?Storage Temperature ?: ?Discharge:-20?C?-60?C ; Less than 3 months: -20?C~?45?C ; Less?than 1 year:-20?C~25??C8.?Protect Performance: Contain PTC heat-fuseAdvantages?:Good products and custom-making service are based on:(1) Professional knowledge combines with original spirit and practical experiences.(2) Accord with the standard of CE, UN38.3, UL, SGS, etc.(3) With a R&D team, reply in time, delivery on time.Applications:?The series of 7.2V NiMH batteries can be widely used in:POS machine, sound, blast pump, imprinter, seeder, air pump, night light, digital camera,?tortion tester, LED light, digital frame, electric scale, electric curtain, emergency?light, measure instrument, candle lamp, laser curing machine, electric power meter, etc.Different battery pack?pictures:??Product Process???Packing?Certification ?Battery knowledge?What is mAh rating mean?Answer:If you are comparing batteries to a AA with a 2000mAh rating ,it will have twicecapacity of a 1000mAh rating .?What is application for NI-MH battery??Answer:Any appliance need high energy consumption.Such as Baby toys ,video devices ,calculator,Camera,microphone, remote controls etc.?Why should I use higher rated mAh battery in my electronic devices ?Answer:Because higher rated mAh will give you longer run times between recharges ,but nobad effect on your electronic devices .?Knowledge of battery??Answer:Do not use different capacity batteries together ?,do not use battery with differentchemical material together ,do not expose battery to heat frequently.?When I receive batteries what should I do first?Answer:You had better to use it first ,because it has 60% power .