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Date: 3rd September 2016
3.7V 120mAh 041235 Li-Polymer Battery
3.7V 120mAh 041235 Li-Polymer ?BatteryPersonalized lipo battery customizationCell thickness:2-9mmCell width:10-60mmCell length:15-150mmAbove?the range can be produced according to your requirementSpecification:NO.Description.SpecificationRemark1Battery Model0412352Minimal Capacity120mAh0.2C3Rated Capacity120mAh0.2C4Nominal Voltage3.7V5Over-charge protect voltage4.28?0.025V6Over-discharge protect voltage3.0?0.05V10Storage Temperature-5-35?Cone year11Inner Impedance?200m?13Max continue discharge current1.0C14Max charge current1.0CItemDescriptionDimension and specificationTthickness4.0mm(max)WWidth12.0mm(max)HLength35.0mm(max)L1Cable lengthCustomizeRemark:Based on your requirement, it ?can customize the PCM, wires, discharge current, charge current,?C-rate, temperature etc.?Advantages:1.Absolutely Safe And Reliable;2. Quality Assurance Price Concessions;3.?High energy density?(380-400Wh/L)?;4.?Long cycle life ;5.?Wholly closed dust-free workshops,securing high quality; ?6. No memory effect;7.?Pollution-free?(not Contain Cadmium,Lead, Mercury)?;non-polluting; type of energy;9.rapid charge.10.High safety?and quality.the best choice for the following applications:1.lighter,Bluetooth?,video pen.2.Music box,smart locks,hand warmer,eyelash curler,electric toys.3.USB?rechargeable battery,miner?s lamp,digital products.4.Mini electric fan battery,mini meter reading,wireless ordering,wireless data transmitter.gifts5.Portable electric , Massage.Wide range applications.Battery Cell Performance CriteriaMechanical characteristics1.Vibration?Test After standard charging, fixed the cell to vibration table and subjected to vibration?cycling that the frequency is to be varied at the rate of 1Hz per minute between 10Hz an 55Hz,the excursion of the vibration is 1.6mm.The cell shall be vibrated for 30 minutes per axis of?XYZ axes.Criteria?No leakageNo fire2. Drop Test?The cell is to be dropped from a height of meter twice onto concrete ground.Criteria?No fire, no leakageLipo Battery pictures:??Product Process???Packing?Certification ?Battery knowledge?What is mAh rating mean?Answer:If you are comparing batteries to a AA with a 2000mAh rating ,it will have twicecapacity of a 1000mAh rating .?What is application for NI-MH battery??Answer:Any appliance need high energy consumption.Such as Baby toys ,video devices ,calculator,Camera,microphone, remote controls etc.?Why should I use higher rated mAh battery in my electronic devices ?Answer:Because higher rated mAh will give you longer run times between recharges ,but nobad effect on your electronic devices .?Knowledge of battery??Answer:Do not use different capacity batteries together ?,do not use battery with differentchemical material together ,do not expose battery to heat frequently.?When I receive batteries what should I do first?Answer:You had better to use it first ,because it has 60% power .